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Time to say “Goodbye”.

March 8, 2018 in Health and Well-being, Observations

Play with me, Damnit!

Yesterday was the saddest of days of time for me and Flea’s mama and papa. They made the decision to put my little brother to sleep. He had been suffering from a fancy heart problem called “idiopathic pericarditis” on and off for almost two human years, and this time he was unable to beat it. Papa tried to keep him distracted, and of course that was pretty easy. He always wanted to play, specially with his blue ball. Even on his last day, when he was just standing there with his ears back and his tail down, all swollen up and having a hard time breathing, a simple “Where’s your ball?” question from Papa would bring him back to his fully alert state.


What a huge personality he had! He was actually quite funny too. He was always making the human people laugh. As his brother, I can tell you that he could be an annoying little bugger, too. He always tried to hump me in public to show off, and he wasn’t good at sharing his toys (although I eventually learned that I could play with any of them twice a day, at least for a few minutes, while he was “helping” Papa prepare our meals in the kitchen. That guy was crazy for food!).

Now it’s up to me to take care of Papa, and fix his broken heart. I promise I’ll do my best!

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So much time passes…

June 26, 2014 in Observations


I start every new post with an apologize for not posting for so long, but geepees… how did that happen? It’s been so long. Papa and Mama are getting divorsted, but they still love each others, and my new brother Bill (above), who I love with a jealous passion has now moved into Papa’s bed along with me. Yikes. I always sensed that growing up was going to be confusely, but for the mostly part it’s ok. We’ve got mad kibbles, and chicken and sweet potato added to pretty much each meal, and plus… a whole bunch of stuff… not complaining!

I miss my mama, but I get to see her quite bittly, and then she always plays so much game with me… it’s almost worth not seeing her each day, because she’s so excitable when we re-meet. Maybe not, that last thing about not seeing her… anywhich, I’m coping. It’s nice to be upstate a bunch during these warm months… chipmunks are everywhere (except in my mouth so far!), and BIll and I will get some soon. Mark my bark!

That’s good, no? Mark my bark!