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August 10, 2009 in Training

I know there's a treat in there!

Dad and I had another training session yesterday with Kate, and some other humans with dogs, who I liked mostly. But geepees! This “down” command has been as unnatural as a sudden shower of lamb lung to me. In the beforetime, Dad would look at things on the world-wide internet for computers or something, and then come to me all cheerio with some new planet of making me lie down… there would always be a treat involved, but Dad’s instructions were always so clonflustering that I got quite beside myself trying to understand, and would mostly end up just hopping around, flea-like and barky-nervous, so he would give up the lesson. Thank goodnest!

Anywhich, Kate has figured out how we dogs are thinking, and showed my dad how to trick me into laying down. The technique is mostly about a pointy finger to the ground, with fisty treat hiding. He had to start me off hunting for the fisty treat under his leg, but in an instant pudding, I was doing it with him standing over me, pointing that finger.  I don’t mind laying down, really… I sometimes do it for hours at a time with my eyes closed even… but sometime’s it’s good to grab a playful bite of finger just before my butty hits the floor. Dad might have to get Kate to explain why I do that. Like, darf!

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  1. Hey Flea,

    Don’t tell my loudmouth mama about this kate-human. She wants me to act better, but she is too lazy to practice stuff with me, thank DOG…She has already spent 600.human dollars on this poo-poo and think of how much treat and toys she could have got for that.

    Just saying,
    Blue Nora Mae

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