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Missing Alfie

August 21, 2009 in Friends

(If you see an empty space here, you have to reload the page. Don’t ask me why… I’m just a dog.)

You bloggees who’ve met me in dog form probably also know my friend, Alfie. He was staying with me for a bunch of big timeunits, but I woke up this morning and found him goned. Then, my memory reminded me that his dad picked him up last night (we were all having beers, which is why I didn’t memorize his leaving).

When Alfie was staying here, we could just play and play and play and play! Geepees! What a lot of tusselling! Sometimes he was a pain in my butty (not in the littery sense, I hasten to add!) since he got in the way of my snuggletimes with mom and dad, and we had to trade food bowls constantly during the eating periods. A few times, he even eliminated indoorly, just to make a point if Dad and him weren’t seeing nose-to-nose. Yuckadoodles! Why would you do that? Anywhich, Alfie is a wonderful friend, and friends have to put up with each others’ electricities, no matter which they might be. I’m kindof getting useded to him not being here after a whole sun-cycle timeunit, but I hope I’ll get to see him soon and grabble his sweet, oily beard. Hey! That reminds me… The oily beard gets the warm! Dad was watching an old TV show without coloring and a fat guy and a skinny guy were argumenting, and the skinny guy said that to the fat guy, and the fat guy got angery. Those two different human people seemed to be argumenting omnitime, but they really were lovely to each other. Just like Alfie and me.

I hope he signed up to my RSS feed, and gets this post. If so, sweet dreams with squirrels and bunnies and lamb lung treaties, my friend. I miss you.

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