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Yankees’ 27th “World” Series Victory

November 5, 2009 in Doggy Style

Yo... like you were actually worried?

What can I say?

Dad was feeling guilty at the beginning of game 6 when he couldn’t find his lucky “I [heart] Hideki” underpants, but I always knew how it would end.  Lemme tell you this, though: I’m not wearing this hat out to the dog run again. Geepees! What were you thinking, Dad?  I’m a dog.

Seriously, though… it makes me want to mark on some peoples’ shoes when I hear them say how they hate the Yankees because they’re so rich… blah blah blah. Hey… it’s New York. We’re special here. Another thing that gets my front leg quivering? “World Series”. I mean, can any country outside the US participate in the World Series?  Well there’s Canada, but that doesn’t count. Youch! (Dad just gave me such a look… guess where he was born? Flea’s in the doghouse again.)

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