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Post-op update

December 4, 2009 in Health and Well-being

King of the Hill

I guess you people have been wondering about how the operation went, and why I haven’t posted anything since. Well frickadoodles! You can probably imaginate how I was a bit confused when my parents picked me up. The nice vet put a very sharp thing into me, and before I could get really nervly about it, I woke up with a couple of scars that I couldn’t remember happening. Anywhich, after a couple of day and night times I got to feeling like my old self, and wanted to get to the dog run. Dad said he was sorry, but that he couldn’t take me there for ten days. I almost went out of my mind! Mom and Dad would just take me around the buildings and not let me play with any other dogs if we met them. Geepees!

But, you know… it passed, and allofasuddenly it was a time when humans were eating lots of turkey, and giving some to me, even, onceinawhile. Life is good!

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