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My second blizzard of 2010!

February 10, 2010 in Observations, Travel

Where's my ball?

Geepees! I know it’s been quite a lengthy time-unit since I posted to my blog, but this day is just the sort of time that Dad and I can sit at the computer together. Check out these booties I have on! They’re kinda like balloons, but they’re made to keep my feets dry and that nasty salt out of my paddles. When I get salt in my paddles… youch! Mom bought them for me, even though Dad was being pretty unpositive about them before. I think he changed his mind when he saw how much fun I have once I have them on. I mean, I say once because I hate it when they put them on. I might be only 12 units of weight, but it still takes two human animals to put them on me.

Anywhich, this snow stuff is FUN! This is my second blizzard so far this year. You might have missed the first one if you’re a city dog… I can’t say for sure. We were in the up state at the first of the year. You remember the outsidey place where Woody and Milly have the fixer upper house? Well, we went up in this crazy car that my friend Hank’s dad loaned us for a couple of days. The snowy time didn’t stop for a minute when we were there, and Dad was worried that we might slide right off the road and then dad would be in trouble with Hank’s dad about the crazy car. Hank and I had a great time, except we really couldn’t stay in the real outside for more than a few small time-units. If we did, we would turn into frozen things and not be able to be alive any more! Lucky for us, the fixer upper house had heating racks in most of the rooms, and a great heating box in the middle of the living room. It was like the picture box that we watch little worlds on, but this one only shows a few pieces of wood, with bright orange light coming off of it. And it’s really really hot! If I were to touch my nose to it… Wowf! That would certainly teach me a lesson, as Dad likes to say.

Speaking of teaching a lesson…

I LOVE this ball

It’s official… I have become obbsessified about my ball. Extra specially this one. We found this in the back of a yellow paycar a while back. A lady had been sitting on it just before she got out and we got in, but she didn’t look much like a ball-lover, or a mother hen,  so Dad didn’t call out after her. Plus, we were in a hurryrush to get somewhere in the yellow paycar.

Anywhich, the snow stuff makes it really easy for me to find my little ball, too. With the combination of slippy booties and the ball gogetbringback game, the dog run was just about more fun than I can remember for ages of time-units!

4 responses to My second blizzard of 2010!

  1. Cudek. Moje butki też chcą takie butki, nie lubią soli.

  2. Frickadoodles! That’s some nutty wording! I thought you were saying bad things to me at first, but my mom explained that she can do the same kind of speaking. She told me to ask what size booties you want.

  3. Tell your mom, thay it was a joke. I have my campers which go well with light silky lube (babcia poradziła, że na sól na butach i łapkach najlepszy żel lubrykant do c…)

  4. Hi Flea!
    It was very nice to see you in the dog run today.
    My human is not as nice as yours… mine always forgets to bring the treats…

    see you soon!

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