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Something to make you smile?

April 10, 2010 in Friends, Observations

Shortly after we got ourselves out of lazy sleepy beddy this morning, Mom got a texting that made her start crying. She was born in a land far away called Poland, and a bunch of important humans from there too fell down from an aircar this morning and went to heaven. I felt really sad for her but then I found this balloon and tried to cheer her up. She said it made her smile for a little while.

I try to be good, Mom. I’m sorry for your Poland tradigy, but I love you.

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Guess who’s one?

April 8, 2010 in Observations

The time units have really been floating by quickish. Apparently, that is a good sign that I’ve been having fun!

Mom and Dad gave me some cow steak for my birthday, with a hot, bright waxy thing stuck into it. They told me it was a camp bell or something like that, to show that I had been alive for one whole year of time units. Youch! I almost burred my nose off and then my human sister, Marley, screeched like a kitten, and almost scared the poop out of me. Luckily I was concentrationing on the cow steak so hard that I didn’t have an accident.

Just when I got the yummish meaty in my mouth, Dad snatched it away and made me dance and sit and stay while he cut it up for me. He can be such a pain in my buttswirls sometimes, but I do love him!