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Something to make you smile?

April 10, 2010 in Friends, Observations

Shortly after we got ourselves out of lazy sleepy beddy this morning, Mom got a texting that made her start crying. She was born in a land far away called Poland, and a bunch of important humans from there too fell down from an aircar this morning and went to heaven. I felt really sad for her but then I found this balloon and tried to cheer her up. She said it made her smile for a little while.

I try to be good, Mom. I’m sorry for your Poland tradigy, but I love you.

6 responses to Something to make you smile?

  1. We love you too. We’ll send you a birthday present tomorrow.

  2. But ypur mom promissed me to call me today ;-(

  3. Ale to bylo smutne na koncu. Baloniki mnie zawsze smuca jakos.

  4. Flea visit my site. I wrote sth about you! Ask mom what does it mean.

  5. Hey Flea-you rocked the teal balloon! You “played” until if fizzled away which puzzled you! Most times when human puppies play with one they make it pop and then they cry. You had a happy time! Yay Flea!

  6. You are really mad, guys! Flea is the funniest dog I ve ever seen! We should organise a brithday party for our cat, I suppose…
    Sto lat pchelko! Zocha, genialny ten wasz psi blog!

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