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Dad cracks the whip!

May 17, 2010 in Health and Well-being, Training

Geepees! You know… I heard about some dogs that live in a far-away snowy land, and they have to pull humans on the snow on wooden cars with no motors. Well, no motors except for the dogs. I heard that they get raw meat thrown to them after pulling one of those things for a day, so I guess it’s not all bad. Still… humans are much bigger than dogs

Anywhich, the point is that Dad got really angrivated at me for eating sticks and then getting those sticks sticked inside of me or doing a big stomach-spit in the middle of the dark long sleep time to get them out of me. So he came up with this biking plan to keep me active while keeping him active too. It’s kinda fun, and I like to sleep a lot when we get home.  Still… it’s not as nice as eating sticks.

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