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Will work for chicken.

June 12, 2010 in Doggy Style, Training

I know what you must be thinking… “What was he thinking?!” Well, I’ll tell you. It was quite simple. I was thinking “Chicken”.

Dad was doing a shoot for Oscar’s mom (Oscar and I go to the same dog run) and she makes hats and scarfy things. Some female humans were wearing the hats for the photo shoot, but when they were finished, Dad thought it would be funny to put one on me. Geepees! That was uncomfortable… there weren’t even ear holes! Don’t get me wrong… the hats were nice on the modeling girls, but personally, I’d rather chew them than put them on; that’s just not natural. Still… the chicken was goooooood!

Also, Dad finally figured out that my body was better in profile so that my peeing leg wasn’t pointing straight at him.

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  1. Dear Flea, You look French – or maybe, French Canadian – anyway, this hat is so you, and I am so jealous. My Mom took her Dad (who calls me his Grand-dog when he’s not telling me to get down and stop kissing him and I just can’t stand it, I love the way he smells) to the dog park this evening, and I was so sorry you weren’t there. I kept an eye out for you, and Grandpa said stop that, you are making me nervous, so I put my eye back in (ha ha), but I was so sorry you weren’t there. Mom just read your blog to her Dad, who was in a plastic banana in her ear, and he said your a really good writer, and so cleaver, and the bit about Poland made him very sad. Her Dad is Hungarian, and her brother-in-law (who has thin lips and is very mean) is Polish. Her Dad drinks borscht all the time and lets me have the cream. Her brother-in-law hates borscht and drinks his coffee black. I love your blog, more please.

  2. Yo Luca,
    Our human families are a funny bunch. My grandhumans used to make Dad get preturburated by spoiling me with treaties and chicken, but now that I put on my “good boy” act pretty regularly, he seems to have lightened up a bit. Geepees! I used to have to wait a few days for a treaty that could actually be classified as yummish. These days, I’m getting some delicious chicken in my food nearly every meal.That’s what I’m barking about!

    Sorry we missed your grandpaw last night. Family, business… you know. SYATDR!

  3. Mom made me wear this hat. Do you like it? Bark once if yes, say nothing if no. Je t’aime (that’s french for Kocham was – I figure, your being French-Canadian and all, you might understand), Luca (PS> I’m not a metrosexual, I’m Italian, although the hat is English, but we get along)

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