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In love, in the “Outsidey Place”

August 14, 2010 in Friends, Observations, Travel

Having a ball, without an actual ball, or 2, even!

A big tail-down, ears-back apologize for not posting on my blog much lately. I’ve been very distructed with my new love. Guess who? Cripers! I predicted it a couple of posts back and it turns out it was ineditable.  Mona. Mona. Mona. Just writing her name makes me want to lie on my back let a completely strange human rub my tummy spots. She is the sweetest thing I have ever laid nose on.

Last weekend, Mom and Dad took me upstate to Woody and Milly’s fixer-upper house in the outsidey place (on the way to where I was littered, remember?). OK… nice right? But on top of that, my grandhumans came too, and brought Mona with them. Excuse my Pit Bull, but frickadoodledamn! How cool is it that my parents take me on a weekend trip and arrange for my girlfriend to come too? Hello!? It’s raining chicken.

We started off our trip, each in our own Sherpa bag on the back shelf of the car. Dad said we looked like bukends, whatever those might be. Going by his face pattern when he said it, I’m guessing that bukends are cute. Anywhich, I had just got started with my funny-voice crying routine, in an attempt to get released from my bag (I love being in my bag in almost any circumstation, but not in a car… it just seems silly… I mean it’s just us, all together in a room. So what if it’s moving? This is hard to understand, even for a smart Jackie.) I wasn’t really getting anywhere with this tictac, but all suddenly Mona did a wet guttyburp, and all the humans went “Aw, poor thing” and took her out for some lap time. I felt sad for her, because I happen to know that she didn’t think that tictac up on her own (between everyone and me, I don’t think she’s that smart… but everything else makes up for it!). Seeing her lying there on Grandmaw’s lap made me want out even more, so I turned up the volume quite a bit. Success!

I got to stay on Mommy’s lap for the rest of trip, but I kept an eye on Mona, to make sure she was OK. She was OK.

We got to the fixer-upper pretty lately, so we just ate and went to bed almost right away… just after Dad and Grandpaw had a couple of glasses of sleeping gin. The next morning, we got up really early and went out exploring. Of course, I know the outsidey place pretty well, and it was awesome to show Mona around. She could not believe her sweet, pointy ears when I told her that bunnies leave treaties all over the place, just for us to find and eat. It didn’t take her long to find a bunch and get munching. Heaven!  The humans were a bit nervely about Mona being unleashed; she’s not much of a listener when it comes to coming, so I had to keep her under my wing (of course I don’t have wings, but humans say that too, and they don’t either. Go figger… ).  They soon realized that Mona was with me, and that if they wanted her, they could just call me. I come. I know who feeds me when bunny treaties aren’t enough, so I come.

Hey. Big splendor!

Anywhich, as usual, my dad hasn’t processed any movies from our trip yet (sometimes I want to bite him) but he says he will soon. Really, Papa? Hmmm…