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Locked out of the run!

October 18, 2010 in Bizzare Things

So… on Saturday morning, Mom and Dad took me to the dog run. It was a beautiful day, except that the air was blowing very hardly. I never thought to be fraided, and we were having a great time playing fetch-drop-treat with my little blue ball. All suddenly there was such a loudly sounding noise and there was a big tree crashing down onto one of the human seats, that we dogs can sometimes jump up on and look cool, or beg for yummish treaties. Geepees! I just about eliminated by accident, it was so scary. After I regained my composition, I ran over to the bench to make sure nobody was hurted. Phew! It was a close fall, but everyone was OK. The parky humans got us all out of the run and put up some long yellow leashy stuff to make sure nobody went back in because another tree might crash onto someone’s head this time!

A couple of squirrels were really nervly from all this commotion, but I managed to calm them down. It seems they lost one of their houses which they made in the tree top that falled. I guess I’d be pretty upsetted if that happened to my house. Imaginate!

Anywhich, pretty quickly, I was able to get the tree cutting parky humans to come and I showed them where the falled tree top was. They cut the tree top into pieces and then a noisy machine ate the pieces up! I was really impressed with this… you know, I love sticks, but this was something else.  Woaf!

We couldn’t go back to playing in the run, but some of the other dogs and their humans found a place where they could sit and watch the action. I jumped up on the human seat and posed for this picture with Karen, because she doesn’t have her own dog. She is very styly though!

The very next day, I sensed that there was no hope to save the tree bottom after the tree top falled, so I got the tree cutting parky humans to come back and feed the rest to the eating machine. This is what’s left… it doesn’t seem right to even pee on it.