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by Flea


November 23, 2010 in Doggy Style, Friends

You probably know about my feelings for Mona, since I blogged so expensively about her a few times already. I used to think of her as the love of my life but lately, when I go to visit her she’s acting a bit too nuts for me. She’s obsessified with jumping on top of me and pinning me down. It’s kind of scary because she got so much bigger than me… she’s like a wild animal sometimes! I have to really stay out of her way for the first couple of time units or so, until she calms down a bit, and gets back to being my girl. Woaf!

Anywhich, maybe I reached a different stage in my life, but I have nice feelings about a lot of dogs, and some of them aren’t even bitches. Dad says that this is normal, and I should keep myself off the leash until I’m ready to keep it on. I express my lovey feelings by climbing on top and holding them with my extremely strong front legs. I usually do a bit of humping while I’m licking their ears. This is Moby. He’s Jacky. His normal expression makes him look a bit nervely, but I think he likes me too.

My favorite girlfriend right now is Tasmin. She’s Jacky too. I don’t get to see her very oftenly, because her mom is kindof an early bird, compared to my humans. Not too long ago though, my dad bumped into Tassie’s mom when she was on the way to get groomed, and he convinced her to let us look after Tassie for a couple of timeunits while she was doing that. Frickadoodles! What a babe! Dad decided to do a quick photo shoot, mostly of her, but I managed to sneak onto the set for a second. My heart beats a bit faster when I look at this picture. Our tummies have the same spots. Hmmm.

Once in a while (when she’s not busy with her best girlfriend, Trixie) I love to play and kiss with this dog. I’m not sure how her name is spelled… her mom usually calls her Harlow, but then sometimes calls her Harlot. Maybe it’s spelled the French bulldog way, like Merlot is? Anywhich, she’s Jacky too and very cheeky. She went on a holiday from the run for quite a while, due to an illness in the family, but she’s been back for a few big time units now. She loves to steal my little blue ball, but her mom can always get her to give it back, so that’s ok with me. She likes to lay on her back and make me think she’s helpless.  You’re not fooling me, missy!

We have a new puppy in the run! Her name is Daisy, and she is yumbunctious! And guess what? She’s Jacky too! I was a bit worried that she might be too young for me, but Dad told me not to worry about that. “Just treat her with respect.”, he said. Respect. Yes… I can do that.

For those of you who are not Jacky: I’m not breed-exclusive. This sequence is just quincy dental… I have a lot more loving in me!