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Luke at me!

January 23, 2011 in Friends, Observations, The run

Of course it’s already got pretty packy-downy, but on Friday morning the dog run was covered with a new blanket of nice powdery snow. It had been getting pretty disgustified just before that. Slush, mush and poop, and then so slipperish the the humans were having a hard time standing only on their hind legs, I guess because they have no claws to dig in.

Anywhich, I guess if you’re reading this, it’s probably not to get a report about some weather that we already had. You were probably hoping to see some cute pictures of me. Not today!

This is a new member of our dog run, and also a new member of the wholey world. His name is Luke and he’s only 15 weeks old. He got a bit nervly around the other dogs, who were interested in sniffing his puppiness (particularly Samson the baby Husky, who can be quite a paw full, I must say). I tried to be nice to Luke, but he just wanted to be with his human, plus I think he was a bit worried about the snow.  Aaah.

Meanwhile, in another part of the run, Duncan has found a new traffic cone to devote his time to. Personally, I don’t see the attraction… maybe he got obsessified with the brightly color because of his harness? But we don’t see colors do we? Hmm.

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