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Okay, already… I’m back (sort of). Stop barking!

May 12, 2011 in Food, Friends, Travel

Geepees! When I started this blogging stuff, it seemed like a good idea, but now my dad is angered with me because I don’t do it enough and some of the other humans are giving him a hard time. Well, that’s what he told me before he and my human mom abandonized me with Mona and ran off to Mexico to put some honey on the moon (humans are frickly strange)! Just in case you were wondering as to my whereabouts, because you hadn’t seen me in the run, I’m on the big island that you take the huge orange (hey, I don’t see color, do I? Dad told me it was orange, OK?) water car to, and then grampa picks you up in a normal car and takes you to Mona’s house, where Mona goes completely nutzo on you.

After a lot of time units with no parental supervisation, I’m getting pretty good at having my way around the house. The grandparents are pretty easy on me sometimes set out these crazy meals, and sometimes they, umm, drop some food on the floor. Normally, though, they feed me lots of chicken with the rest of my food. And parsley, which is supposed to make my breath smell good – to humans, duh! – but which is just a bit annoying because it deflavorizes the chicken a bit. Anywhich, I’m used to it now, and it’s kind of a choired taste or something like that. My dad choired a taste for gin, which I could never, ever, ever like. At least I don’t think I could.

Oh yeah… here’s Mona and me chewing on the same toy… she might be crazy, but she’s cute, nest paw?