About Me

Kind of a boot camp?

I’m a rather small Jack Russell Terrier, littered in Medina, New York (very near Canada, where my human dad was born). Mom and Dad brought me to New York City when I was so tiny that they would have to shuffle around the kitchen floor, so they wouldn’t squish me with one of their big paws by mistake (that’s Mommy’s paw boot in the picture… and if you think that’s big you should see my dad’s!). Well, I’ve grown up a lot so far, thanks to humans giving me lots of nice food and yummish treaties, and teaching me stuff, like how to use outside as a bathroom. Who knew? Other dogs have teached me great stuff too, like humping. Holy cramp, do I like that!

Anywhich, I’m happy to be here, and I hope you like my blog!

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