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May 30, 2012 in Observations

I don’t like to always start off a new post with an apologize for being out of the dogosphere for longtimes, but Jeepies, this one’s been an age coming. Since that last time I barked at you my humans have started spending a lot more time in the upstatey place, because they got a little cabinet to fix up. No power-except from a scarey, noisy, machine that Dad calls Ellen DeGenerator (?), no nice water in and no smelly water out. My humans have to do their business in the outside, just like me! Still, it’s great for me. I have oodles of space to run around, and lots of nice smelly stuff to roll in and dig up. I get pretty exhausticated after a day of country activities, and sleep like a dog (duh) all night long, except for when I hear a mouse or something. I love catching mouses.

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Luke at me!

January 23, 2011 in Friends, Observations, The run

Of course it’s already got pretty packy-downy, but on Friday morning the dog run was covered with a new blanket of nice powdery snow. It had been getting pretty disgustified just before that. Slush, mush and poop, and then so slipperish the the humans were having a hard time standing only on their hind legs, I guess because they have no claws to dig in.

Anywhich, I guess if you’re reading this, it’s probably not to get a report about some weather that we already had. You were probably hoping to see some cute pictures of me. Not today!

This is a new member of our dog run, and also a new member of the wholey world. His name is Luke and he’s only 15 weeks old. He got a bit nervly around the other dogs, who were interested in sniffing his puppiness (particularly Samson the baby Husky, who can be quite a paw full, I must say). I tried to be nice to Luke, but he just wanted to be with his human, plus I think he was a bit worried about the snow.  Aaah.

Meanwhile, in another part of the run, Duncan has found a new traffic cone to devote his time to. Personally, I don’t see the attraction… maybe he got obsessified with the brightly color because of his harness? But we don’t see colors do we? Hmm.