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    My dad has been so fricky busy that he hasn’t had time to put my bloggy barks into the world wide internet for computers. I’m not happy about this, but this morning I convinced him to at least put up a bunch […]

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    I don’t like to always start off a new post with an apologize for being out of the dogosphere for longtimes, but Jeepies, this one’s been an age coming. Since that last time I barked at you my humans have […]

  • Thumbnail So… summer went by super quickishly! Dad says that that’s how life goes, but between you and me, I think that that’s a bit high-residue (rich) coming from a human. You try having an average life-span of 16 years (or less even, if you’re quite bigly). To quote Tom Waits (loosely) from the movie, Rumblefish, [...]

  • Thumbnail Geepees! When I started this blogging stuff, it seemed like a good idea, but now my dad is angered with me because I don’t do it enough and some of the other humans are giving him a hard time. Well, that’s what he told me before he and my human mom abandonized me with Mona [...]

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    Hi Vesta,
    Sorry I took so long to accept your friendship request. I’ve been in the dog house a bit ’cause I’ve been obsessifying over my ball again and attacking big goofy dogs. My dad discipled me big time today, and told me that some big dogs don’t have a sense of humor, and might just rip me into pieces. Maybe he’s right. Again.

  • Flea wrote a new blog post: Luke at me! 10 years, 5 months ago

    ThumbnailOf course it’s already got pretty packy-downy, but on Friday morning the dog run was covered with a new blanket of nice powdery snow. It had been getting pretty disgustified just before that. Slush, mush and poop, and then so slipperish the the humans were having a hard time standing only on their hind legs, I [...]

  • Thumbnail Oh yes… Happy New Year! Geepees! We sure had lot of snow! And it looks like there’s more coming. I love snow. It’s so much fun when it’s newly and white, and just a bit packed down by paws and feet. My blue ball is so easy to find! I’ve been wondering about something though: [...]

  • Thumbnail Dad tells me it’s not right to bark “Merry Christmas” at people, since they might be unsalted if they aren’t celebrating Jesus’ birthday. Frickadoodles! I don’t even know who this human was! This is my second Christmas and all I know is that it makes human people act well socialized to each other for a [...]

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    My humans are busy baking their first turkey bird today. What a production! It was in a big pot full of spice, sugary, salty water in the garage all night, and early this morning it got some red, spicy goo rubbed all over it, and then back to the garage. What’s going on in there? Will I get to eat some? Woaf!

  • Flea wrote a new blog post: Loverboy. 10 years, 7 months ago

    ThumbnailYou probably know about my feelings for Mona, since I blogged so expensively about her a few times already. I used to think of her as the love of my life but lately, when I go to visit her she’s acting a bit too nuts for me. She’s obsessified with jumping on top of me and [...]

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  • Thumbnail So… on Saturday morning, Mom and Dad took me to the dog run. It was a beautiful day, except that the air was blowing very hardly. I never thought to be fraided, and we were having a great time playing fetch-drop-treat with my little blue ball. All suddenly there was such a loudly sounding noise [...]

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    OMD. Is it wintery time already? I’m happy to have fur on a day like this.

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    In reply to: Luca commented on the blog post Will work for chicken. Mom made me wear this hat. Do you like it? Bark once if yes, say nothing if no. Je t’aime (that’s french for Kocham was – I figure, your being French-Canadian […] View


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    Hey Tootsie. Don’t worry about the teeth. At least you’re not missing as many as me. Jeepees!

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    Welcome Mitar. Personably, I find this a bit strange, but you know what? I never meeted a cat before, so I’m going to avoid the impulse to put you in a pigeon-hole… I bet you’d love being in one of those, though, right? Frickadoodles, that was already a stereotypo. Sorry!
    Thanks for signing up.

  • Okay… my butt swirls are a little bit extra-swirly right now. Dad sent out an email today to get dogs to sign up, and guess what? A lot of time-units have flowed by, and guess what, again? The only dog to sign up is a cat. You know what? Welcome Mitar. You’re good.

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