Pictures of Me

Here I am at 4 weeks old. Strange looking, huh? My first mother named me E.T.

11 weeks old. Getting pretty cute, if I don’t say so myself!

Dad thought maybe I could be a model. Hmm.

13 weeks old. I kinda like the beach, but pooping after eating sand is no laughing matter, I tell you. Youch!

This was during my naive period, before I realized that I could just climb through the gate.

Too much Kennel 1. Woaf, my head!

I know… handsome.

This was the beginning of my humping period.

16 weeks old. I love to nibble on a leaf.

4 months old. It was a photo session with my mom and dad.

Still staying...
4 1/2 months old. Dad said “Down” and then snapped this with his phone.

What is this? Good cop/bad cop?
With so much drama in the NYC, it’s kinda hard being Flea the D.O.G.

Lookout Alfie! Here comes JAWS!
4 3/4 months old. Chasing my friend Alfie. Well, he does have the ball!

Still, like a statue
All grown up at 13 months, posing for Dad.

Sometimes Mom and Dad drop me in the bath. Frickydoodles! I hate it. But it feels so good when it’s done!

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